Features to manage attendance, leaves and employee shifts

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management comprises the range of software modules intended to effectively track your workforce, by monitoring employee leaves, time and attendance, as well as work shifts. An overview of each of these modules is as below :

Leave Management

Automation of leave requisition, approvals and management

This module automates the task of recording leaves and controlling these against leave policies defined in the HR system. All the leaves applied, approved and rejected are recorded and leaves taken are properly accounted for. It also ensures uniform implementation of the leave policy throughout the organization reducing HR monitoring or intervention.

Module Highlights :

  • Ability to define different types of leaves and set rules against them-Eg. Earned Leave, Sick Leave, Casual Leave, etc.
  • Ability to define a workflow for leave approval
  • Allow employees to apply for leaves (which is directed to the concerned person for approval), and check the status of applied leaves
  • Generate reports on leaves approved, leaves pending, leave history, leave status, etc.
  • Allow employees to encash leaves at the end of the year, or when the employee resigns, by means of the Leave Encashment functionality
  • Modify existing leave balances of employees by means of the Leave Adjustment functionality
Leave Management

Time and Attendance

Import time and attendance details for payroll processing or through web based interface

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Management

This module automates timekeeping related processes. The time at clock-in and clock-out of an employee is recorded. These clockings are then converted into attendance records which can be used for absence monitoring and analysis. This data is then transferred directly to the Payroll Module.

Clockings can be collected in real-time via third-party devices such as biometric systems or smart cards. Sysfore HRMS provides a predefined template defined as a comma separated values (.csv) file. Time and attendance data for the month has to be prepared in this predefined format, and imported into the HR System using the Import function provided. The import process validates the data for errors and presents the HR user the ability to rectify errors and complete the import process.

Team and Shift

Organize employees into virtual teams and also manage and administer employee shifts

Team Management

This module has the capability to define teams, and assign employees to these different teams. Apart from the formal categorization of employees by HR Organization Unit, designation and pay grade categories, this division is more in line with being able to associate employees with different user-defined groups for enhanced dimensional and analytical reporting.

Shift Management

Managers can use the Workshift feature to manage employee work schedules across 24 hours of the work day including regular work shifts, long-term night shifts and work schedules in which employees change or rotate shifts.

For companies that have employees working in different shifts, the system has the capability to define shifts, shift timings and shift rules. Employees can be assigned to different shifts. Customized functionality to plan forward and manage employee rosters can be integrated. This functionality is most useful in environments like Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitals, Emergency Public Services, etc.

In defining shifts, the HR team can name a shift, set work timings, define breaks and overtime applicability. Multiple shifts can be defined, and the HR team can assign employees to these defined shifts.

Team and Shift

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