The Enterprise Mobility Suite is the comprehensive cloud solution to address your consumerization of IT, BYOD, and SaaS challenges.

The suite is the most cost effective way to acquire all of the included cloud services

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management


Enterprise Mobility Suite - Moving from device-centric to people-centric IT. Today, IT needs a comprehensive management solution that extends support across all device types, platforms, and users, and offers flexibility in configuring and inventorying devices based on whether they’re corporate or employee owned.

Azure AD Premium enables

  • Self-service password reset for your people, to reduce helpdesk calls
  • Multi-factor authentication options for greater security
  • Group-based provisioning and single sign on for over 1000 SaaS apps
  • Machine learning-driven security reports for visibility and threat management
  • Robust sync capabilities across cloud and on-premises directories

Microsoft Intune enables

  • Mobile application management across devices
  • Broad device support for Windows, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, and Android devices
  • Selective wipe of apps and data for greater security

Azure Rights Management enables

  • Information protection from the cloud or in a hybrid model with your existing on-premises infrastructure
  • Integration into your native applications with an easy-to-use SDK


  • Unify your environment.
  • Protect corporate information and manage risk.
  • Use a Single User Identify for each User.
  • Simplify BYOD registration and enrolment.
  • Enable consistent access to corporate resources.
  • Deliver Windows Desktops and Applications with Microsoft Desktop Virtualization.
  • Automate How Users Connect to Internal Resources.
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