Azure DevOps and GitHub are stronger together

Building better apps faster is a key enabler of digital transformation for every company. Many businesses are facing external pressures to be more agile, and this in turn is putting more demands on development and operations teams to increase the velocity of building and delivering digital solutions. This is where DevOps practices, starting from agile development methodologies, can help.

Advanced Specialization

Azure DevOps continues to be superior with

  • One-stop-shop for all tools teams need for agile methodology and DevOps,
  • Mature and stable Azure CI and CD Pipelines,
  • Rich dashboards with built-in charts and widgets for tests, pipelines, repos and more
  • Integrate with other DevOps tools with Service Hooks
  • Find references and changes to your code, linked bugs, work items, code reviews, and unit tests using CodeLens search
  • Integrate Azure DevOps and Teams for approvals, notifications and collaboration.
  • Huge ecosystem of extensions which allows you to extend the functionality available to you
DevOps with GitHub and Azure

GitHub is today much more than a git repository. With an ambitious roadmap, GitHub is bringing new complimentary features to your DevOps:

Security & compliance: Dependency Insight and Advanced Security Scanning help keep your code secure and up to date

Code-to-cloud: Automate workflows from code to deploy anywhere

Open / inner source collaboration: Collaboration tool that developers know and love

Code directly in your browser using code spaces

Built-in code scanning, CodeQL analysis

Get notified when there are new vulnerabilities affecting your repositories with Dependabot alerts

See the packages your project depends on using Dependency Graphs

Use GPG or S/MIME to sign tags and commits locally and mark as verified on GitHub so other people know the changes come from a trusted source.

Privately discuss, fix, and publish information about security vulnerabilities found in your repository.

Limit access to enterprise assets to an allowed set of source IPs.

Keep copies of audit log data to ensure secure IP and maintain compliance for your organization.

Automatically detect and deactivate secrets committed to your repos.

Why is now the time for the duo?

  • Unified Pipelines with YAML-defined CI/CD
  • Azure Pipeline Integration with Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Simplified Purchasing for Azure DevOps
  • Active Directory Support for GitHub Enterprise
  • Sign in to Azure and Azure DevOps with your GitHub account
  • Visual Studio Subscriptions and GitHub Enterprise
  • GitHub is at the heart of the open source community and will always be an open platform that supports all developers.
  • GitHub customers can now leverage existing Azure Active Directory solution for group membership in GitHub
  • Sign in to Azure and Azure DevOps with your GitHub account
  • Visual Studio Subscription with GitHub Enterprise offerings gives enterprise customers an easy and economical way to purchase both Visual Studio and GitHub Enterprise

Out expertise helps you

Stay in control, act with confidence by making your software development predictable, transparent, and empowering.

Minimize costs, get more value out of every tool and every team. Find and remove redundancies and inefficiencies throughout your value stream.

Compete and lead, make agile your competitive edge. By developing high-quality software faster, your innovation makes you the envy of the industry.

Reduce failures and rollbacks that occur due to the tests that are run frequently.

Strong source control, elasticity in Cloud Computing, automated monitoring.

Build cohesive teams with shared objectives, lean principles, and continuous delivery of value.

Define fine-grained and detailed service architecture, along with faster mean-time to recovery.

Increase agility - Deploy 200x more frequently with 2,555x faster load times.

Reduce effort - Save 22% time on unplanned work and rework.

Enhance Security - 50% less time spent on remediating security issues.

Maintain stability - More stable operating environments.

Skip the waiting time. Avoid the pitfalls. Get the full benefits quicker and easier than you ever thought possible with our proven expertise and frameworks. With the rich feature set that GitHub brings and mature offerings from Microsoft, there’s never been a better time to get started with DevOps Services.

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