Businesses can use facebook to achieve many goals

Facebook Overview

With more than 1.23 billion monthly active facebook users and about 757 million daily active Facebook users, Facebook as a social platform is the most compelling vehicle to reach out to, and engage with customers. Businesses can use facebook to achieve many goals like driving in-store sales, increasing online sales, launching new products, build awareness, brand building, and promoting a business, service or app.

It all essentially starts by creating a hub for your business on facebook pages, profile the demographic you'd like to reach out to, and use a combination of compelling content, engagement vehicles and facebook ads to grow your network.

You can cultivate your fan base and work with them to achieve so many business objectives, some of which include:

  • Keep customers in the know
  • Provide customer support
  • Act as a sales interface - for small businesses to take customer product/service queries, reservations, appointments, call backs etc.
  • Promote special events, product / service launches, and special occasions
  • Reward fans and provide a deep engagement channel for your loyal customers
  • Collect customer feedback on services, new product introductions, focus groups etc.
  • Grow your network, by allowing customers to recommend and introduce new prospects


Extend the reach of your brand, websites and web applications to the mobile user base and deliver a rich engagement experience

Based on customer's requirements, our team of Facebook application developers can develop applications on the Facebook platform. Applications interact with core Facebook features and data. We work with graph API, authentication, social plug-ins and the open graph protocol. We also integrate Facebook APIs to allow for login to third party websites, applications and mobile devices.

There are a variety of Facebook apps that can be developed, depending on the need of the customer and what results they want to achieve.

A few examples of Facebook apps and solutions that make use of facebook's platform and features include:

  • Facebook Apps
    • games based applications
    • poll based applications
    • sweepstakes
    • quiz based applications
    • ecommerce based applications
    • surveys
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Connect API
  • Facebook Insights
Facebook Services