With Virtual Networks, you can control and configure all aspects of your network, defining the subnets and the preferred DNS IPs. You can securely connect with your VMs in Azure using a secure VPN over the Internet or bypass the Internet to establish direct connections using the Express Route.

Load-balancing across multiple instances is included and easy to configure. You can create the load-balancer, add security ACLs to control access and define specific probes to help monitor application health, all within the easy-to-use portal experience.

Key Features:

  • Scale from 1 to 1000s of VM instances
  • Built in Virtual Networking and Load Balancing
  • Leverage Hybrid consistency with on-premises
  • Microsoft SQL server and sharepoint server
  • Oracle, MySQL , Redis, MongoDB
  • Save money with per minute billing


Premium Storage

Azure Premium Storage is a new SSD based storage offering designed to support I/O intensive workloads; provisioned as a persistent disk and configured to meet your performance requirements. You can attach multiple persistent disks, which delivers up to 32 TB of storage and more than 50,000 IOPS with less than one millisecond latency for read operations.

SQL Server & SharePoint

Using images built by the SQL Server team, you can easily provision a SQL Server in minutes. You can create Virtual Machines using free MSDN licenses for fast Dev/Test or deploy complex production applications spanning multiple Azure regions using SQL Server AlwaysOn. Add SharePoint 2013 and you can deploy your internal or external facing websites in hours, not weeks.

Open, with options

You can deploy a full range of open and community-driven OS and software solutions on Azure. On Azure, you have the choice of a full range of Linux distributions like Ubuntu and SUSE, community-driven solutions like Chef, Puppet, and Docker along with other products like Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. Azure is open with lots of options.

Save money and be agile

For fast computational workloads, quick development and testing, or frequent stopping and starting, when deploying Virtual Machines in Azure, you will pay down to the minute. This includes the billing for Windows, Linux, Oracle, SQL Server, and even BizTalk. You can even have the platform AutoScale based upon a schedule or CPU usage of your instances. Our infrastructure and software billing model meets your needs, not ours!

True HPC capabilities in the cloud, on demand

The performance and scalability of a world-class supercomputing center is now available to everyone, on demand in the cloud. Run your HPC applications using high performance A8 and A9 compute instances on Azure, and take advantage of a backend network with MPI latency under 3 microseconds and non-blocking 32 Gbps throughput. This backend network includes remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology that enables parallel applications to scale to thousands of cores. Azure provides you with high memory and HPC-class CPU’s to help you get results fast. Scale up and down based upon what you need and pay only for what you use to reduce costs.

Faster, Bigger, and Better D-Series VMs

You can now deploy the larger D-Series to meet the needs of your workload. These VMs sizes run faster and bigger on all dimensions, with faster processors, more memory, and a temporary disk that is backed by SSD-based storage, giving blazingly fast temporary storage for your VMs.

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