Disaster Recovery As a Service

Sysfore can help you to recover from all kinds of mishaps and continue business in the shortest time with minimum data loss. Sysfore DRAfter is a packaged Draas solution which allows you to build Disaster Recovery sites.

Disaster recovery is part of security planning and is developed in conjunction with a business continuity plan. It is a set of policies and procedures which focus on protecting an organization from any significant effects in case of a negative event, which may include cyberattacks, natural disasters or building or device failures.

Draas Solution

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Use Cases

Retail Gold Chain Merchant

One of India's biggest gold merchant was looking for a DR solution. They did not have any data redundancy solution in place for their primary site. Sysfore proposed DRAfter Site to site Disaster Recovery Solution for business continuity.

A Global Technology Company

A tech giant valued at over $7 billion was looking for a DR solution for their Primary Site to a secondary site consisting of around 250 servers. With sysfore's DRAfter Region to Region Disaster Recovery Solution, they were able to protect their critical applications running in their data center with flexible recovery plans.


  • It helped to protect the critical applications running on their data center with flexible recovery plans along with low RPO's and RTO's.
  • Ran disaster recovery drills with no business or application impact.
  • Cost-beneficial by using cloud as secondary data center.

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DRAfter Explained



  • Mapping the existing infrastructure
  • Readiness assessment


  • Gap analysis
  • Compliance strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy


  • Replication of the data
  • Primary environment protection
  • DR Drills


  • DRAfter Objectives & Plans
  • DRAfter Readiness Assessment Report
  • DRAfter Gap Report & Plan
  • DRAfter Customer Assurance Report
  • DRAfter Drill

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