Businesses focused on distribution and manufacturing of high-value products need to regularly upgrade themselves to accomplish higher efficiency and performance by harnessing the power of technology. Apart from the rising operational costs and evolving customer preferences, businesses face various challenges to achieve customer loyalty, proactive employee engagement and significant growth in revenue targets.

Smartify 365

Smartify 365 delivers operational excellence alongside intelligent sales and customer experience to businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry to quickly manage multiple vital operations effectively from the central application.

Built on top of the robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement platform, Smartify 365 supports businesses to harness the cross-sell opportunities and unearth other streams of revenue. By clearly defining the various users and roles, it is designed to seamlessly collaborate with different departments in an organization and achieve higher productivity.

Smartify your operations to unlock business value.
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Track work orders with just a few clicks

Timely engagement in fulfilling installation & service work orders under warranty or Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) by instantly notifying the respective teams. Stay on top of things by knowing who's taking which action in a given time, so that projects are completed on time as per specifications. Get notifications on the go when work orders are fulfilled.

Automate warranty management

Don't miss out on opportunities due to unforeseen hassles in manually managing warranty. Automate and efficiently manage SLAs, entitlements, renewals, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & billing and open new avenues to increase revenue.

Data-driven reporting to drive high-level decisions

Quickly view the status of all your operations in an intuitive dashboard. The management can get a bird's eye view of all the operations helping them to efficiently utilize the available resources. The individual team members will have visibility into what is expected of him/her to be delivered to enhance productivity.

Accelerate sales engagement

Leverage the 360-degree customer view to manage leads, opportunities, quotations, sales order & invoices. Create the right checkpoints and measurement metrics to reach larger customer segment and increase growth targets.

Streamline customer service

Deliver optimal customer experience with effective ticket management, resolution tracking and timesheet management. Through a structured and timely approach in managing the customer service engagements, you can win your customers' trust quickly.

Country-specific accounting localization

Extend your CRM capabilities and handle customer invoicing & tracking the receivables, localized to your country. Seamlessly incorporate Indian GST taxation in client engagement documents. Always stay compliant with government tax regulations with ease.


SMARTIFY 365 focuses on increasing the operational efficiency and customer engagements for your business by providing a collaborative platform and an array of advanced features.

Hassle-free Warranty &
Work Order (WO) management

Optimized resource utilization with efficient warranty and work order management

Efficient Sales

Ability to deliver personalized customer experience through enhanced sales and customer service management

Enhanced Accounting

Extended CRM capabilities to handle customer invoicing and tracking the receivables, localized to the specific country


Easily customizable cost-effective solution to actively grow the number of qualified leads and accelerate business growth and revenue

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