Tools for the HR function to deliver on process maturity and capability to have a competent workforce that can deliver on the company's objectives

Strategic HR

Strategic HR

Strategic HR involves growing your company by attracting the best candidates, as well as better managing your workforce overall. Strategic HR applications generally provide some combination of applicant tracking and recruiting, learning management, as well as performance review functionality. This type of software streamlines these strategic processes to ensure that a company is using its staff as efficiently as possible, and also that employees are continuing to grow and develop--increasing employee satisfaction and retention rates. An overview of the modules that comprise the Strategic HR Function is as below :


Manage your Recruitment process cycle completely from end-to-end

Recruitment Management

This module helps organizations cut recruitment costs and time by managing job vacancy announcements and applications online. You can receive resumes into the system for respective vacancies by interfacing your company website's career page to directly post vacancies from the Recruitment Module of Sysfore HRMS, thus eliminating hassles of manual recruitment and shortening the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

Module Highlights :

  • Job Vacancy Posting : Post Job vacancies(job description & eligibility criteria) and accept applications online
  • Maintain Applicant Database : Automatically build a database of job applicants, which can also be used in future
  • Candidate Assessment : Shortlist applicants eligible for employment
  • Selection Process : Schedule and conduct interviews
  • Offer Letter & On-boarding : Transform 'applicant' to 'employee' seamlessly
Recruitment Management


Tools to administer your Performance Management function

Performance Management

Performance Management

The success of any organization is directly linked to its workforce performance. Managing and tracking individual performance can be a tedious job if not well defined and planned. Sysfore HRMS is equipped with capabilities to let organizations define their Goals and then map these organizational goals to individual employee goals. You can then conduct periodic performance evaluations.

Module Highlights :

  • Performance Standards Definition and Goal Setting- Define goal sheet templates for different sets of employees and set Key Performance Indicators, targets and actions required to meet the goals
  • Measurement and assessment of employee performance periodically and providing feedback and support to achieve targets
  • Based on performance results for each employee, the system allows you to appraise employees accordingly by issuing recommendation letters, salary increment notifications, etc.


Administer and Manage your Training and Development activities

Training/Learning & Development Management(Upcoming Release)

Effective training and development programs are important ways to increase workflow productivity and deliver targeted training to close skill gaps. This module helps you plan employee training goals and programs to ensure your employees are engaged and receive the training they need to update skills, keep certifications up to date, and perform their best. Powerful features enable you to effectively establish and administer internal training programs, track certification needs, and manage logistics.

  • Create/structure training courses based on recommendations from managers
  • Create and publish course calendar
  • Manage complete information about a course including faculty & collateral
  • Select employees for training with email information and reminders
  • Record course training feedback
  • Track and manage training costs and budgets and link it to financial accounting module
  • Automatically update employee skills and qualifications based on the scores acquired at the end of the training
  • Link training with appraisal
Training and Development

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