Backup and recovery service with managed infrastructure for heterogeneous environments


Evault Cloud Backup Service securely, reliably, and efficiently protects your organization’s critical data, directly over the Internet so you don’t incur additional expenses. Automatically back up desktop, laptop, and server data from across your organisation and use a web browser to configure your desired backup policies and monitor your backups. Our cloud-based backup and recovery subscription service deduplicates, compresses, encrypts, and then transmits the data to one of our top-tier data centers, managed by EVault experts who are available 24/7/365. You know that your data is protected by industry experts, according to the highest standards of security and reliability. And recovery is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

EVault, a Seagate Company, with more than 43000 clients globally, provides EVault on-premise, Cloud-Connected, and edge data protection solutions, often deployed in combination as Cloud-Connected “hybrids,” to help small to mid-size organizations protect and access their business data—anytime, anywhere, even when offline. Through a uniquely integrated ecosystem of storage software, SaaS, managed services and appliances, EVault helps its customers meet the challenges of maintaining business continuity in multi-platform, multi-site environments. EVault's data protection, disaster recovery and other solutions are optimized to perform in a distributed environment, supported by a secure, reliable cloud storage infrastructure, and backed by the highest quality customer service.


Full-service backup and recovery. The best cloud-connected technology

Secure, Reliable data protection

  • Ongoing backup verifications and audits ensure your data is protected from post backup data and protection.

Consolidation of applications and business data across complex environments

  • Supports operating systems include Windows, Linux, and Unix
  • Supports hypervisors include VMware ESXi and Window Hyper-V
  • Cloud, on-premise, and cloud-connectedTM (hybrid onsite/offsite) data

Easy Deployment and Management

  • Real-time collaboration with colleagues or the EVault Customer Service team via a social platform portal

Ensured Compliance with Data Protection Policies and Regulations

  • Instant and centralised information of the entire backup and recovery process captured by EVault Reports

Optimised Performance with Advanced Compression and Data Deduplication

  • Front-end data deduplication uses EVault delta block-level processing technology—only new and changed data blocks within files are sent to storage, decreasing backup times and storage footprint
  • Compression technology and bandwidth throttling—maximizes backup transfer speed and minimizes network impact

World-Class Customer Support

  • Data protection experts available 24/7/365 at no additional cost
  • EVault Professional Services teams can help design, test, and execute data protection strategy

Extensible Subscription Services to Meet Your Recovery Time Objectives

  • Single-pass system and data recovery using bare metal capabilities
  • Guaranteed recovery time options in case of disaster