The core module of Sysfore HRMS provides businesses the essential functions to manage Personnel records, HR Organization Structures and Payroll Management

Core HR

Core HR

Core HR encompasses three human resources management functions: Personnel Tracking, HR Organization Setups and Payroll Management. Every organization requires these functions once it has reached a critical mass of employees where manually running payroll and managing employees with spreadsheets becomes too burdensome a task. Each of these functions is as described below:

Personnel Records

Keep track of employee information throughout the lifecycle of their career at your organization, with their comprehensive, employee system of record

Personnel Records Management

The personnel file or employee record contains the master data of all details pertaining to an employee.

Current level of detail that is captured in the Employee Record includes:

  • Employee General Information & Personal Details: This includes basic information about an employee such as Name, Employee Id, Family Details, Contact Information and Employee Dependent Information which is required from the perspective of payroll and reimbursements
  • Bank Information: This covers bank details such as Account Number, PAN Number, etc.
  • Current Job Position & Salary Structure: This specifies the position held by the employee in the organizational hierarchy and the salary structure details covering all Additions, Deductions and Benefits
  • Employment History: This covers all past employment details including Name of the Organization, Position held by the employee, Salary Structure, etc.
  • Qualifications/Certifications/Training Details
  • Leave Information: This records and tracks employee leaves, and also controls them against leave policies defined in the HR system
  • Shift Information: This keeps track of work shifts assigned to employees
  • Loans/Advances: This covers details of loans/advances extended to an employee against future business expenses
  • End of Service: Calculates full and final settlements for employees who have resigned or have been terminated
Personnel Records


Setup the entire structure of your HR Organization

HR Organisation and Masters Setups

HR Organization and Master Setups

The HR Organization Setup functionality helps in defining the HR Organization Structure within the company. All master data that is relevant to the organization is configured and setup using Master Data Management.

Organizational Setup & HR Master Data Setups include capabilities to manage:

  • Multi Company, Multi currency, Multilingual, Multi-user and Multilevel Organization Support
  • Definition of HR Organization Units- Employee Categories, Employee Departments, Employee Designations/Positions, etc.
  • Definitions of Employee Pay Grades, Bands, etc.
  • Definitions for Attendance and Payroll Cycles
  • Holiday Calendar Definitions, Leave types and definitions, Overtime definitions
  • Setups and definitions for managing Pay Components, Benefits Components, Slab and formula definitions and settings
  • Setups and definitions for managing Tax Components
  • Setups and definitions for mapping Payroll Processing Accounts to Financial Accounts for automatic generation of financial entries


Manage your company's complete payroll process

Payroll Management

The payroll module in Sysfore HRMS handles all requirements relating to accounting and management of an employee's payroll.

Module Highlights:

  • Ability to define unlimited pay grades, each having its own set of allowances and deductions.
  • Closely integrated with Time & Attendance module to process payroll based on attendance records
  • Ability to set and define pay components such as additions, deductions and tax tables
  • Ability to calculate payroll daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly for select employee records
  • Ability to process payroll for a single employee or a batch of employees
  • Payslip Generation
  • Access historical employee payroll reports
  • Payroll integration with Financial Accounting Module
  • Multicurrency, Multi-company payroll processing
  • Provision for managing "End of Service" benefits like Gratuity and Full and Final Settlement
Payroll Management

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